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About US

Boonedox is dedicated to making quality products that let you enjoy your leisure time.  From kayaking to camping and everything in between - we support fun!

Our Story

Boonedox started simply.  We started as part of a small machine shop with a few employees looking to improve their own gear.  We then began to look at the market as a whole and immediately saw several areas for improvements.  Our background in metalworking meant that we could affordably supply quality solutions. With a little teamwork and ingenuity, we quickly developed the best truck bed extender on the market, and so began Boonedox. 

Since then, Boonedox has committed to developing solutions for outdoor gear, all while remaining environmentally conscious and keeping our manufacturing in our great state of North Carolina. As we continue to grow, we hope that you will continue to support and grow with us. 

T-Bone Landing Gear Rudder2.jpg
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